How to Search for a New Job When You Already Have One

Starting a job search when you’re still working at your current employer is not uncommon. But as a jobseeker, there are definite do’s and don’ts to consider when you decide to take that step.

While HR professionals typically advise against quitting or waiting until you’re fired to start your job search, there are risks associated with job hunting while you’re still employed. Here are a few tips to help you safely navigate your job search – without raising red flags at your current gig.

1. Keep it to Yourself

Even if you have trusted colleagues, don’t tell anyone at work. Try as you might, the rumor mill will circulate even if you’ve only let one or two coworkers know your plan – and once that happens, you can’t control how the information is being communicated or to whom. If your manager or supervisor were to find out, you could potentially be put into the position of having to answer some sticky questions. And if your search proved to be fruitless, you then become damaged goods to your current boss.

2. Be Smart About Scheduling Interviews

Leaving for an interview in the middle of the day is never a good thing, so make the timing conducive to your schedule. As a job candidate, being employed means you have skills that are in demand, and any potential hiring manager or supervisor will likely accommodate a workable time to interview. Meeting first thing in the morning, late in the afternoon, or early evening makes it easier to stay focused at your current job and avoid having to come up with excuses to your supervisor. It’s also possible to conduct an interview over the phone, using Skype, etc., which leads us to….

3. Don’t Use Your Company’s Computer, Email, or Phone

Most companies track your Internet and email usage, so anything related to your job search may raise suspicions. It’s also possible that your company tracks your phone so it’s best to use your personal cell during the job search. And it goes without saying that you don’t want to be engaged in a phone conversation in your workspace with a recruiter or hiring manager. Even if you have an office with a door. Take your job search to a quiet and private spot away from your office. As they say, “the walls have ears.”

4. Stay Focused on Your Current Job

While it may be tempting to look ahead to a new challenge, you should continue to be professional at your current job and perform at your current performance level. This is the time to keep doing stellar work, to preserve your reputation and be able to leave with your head held high.

Summing it Up

In today’s tight job market, most potential employers prefer job candidates who are currently employed, because it gives them confidence that you’ll be a good hire. By following the above suggestions, looking for a job while still employed can be done in a professional manner, without negatively impacting your company or your reputation.

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