Could Your Job Descriptions Be Costing You Top Talent?

As a hiring manager, HR professional or recruiter, you know that 2020 will be a tight hiring market.  The competition for the most qualified candidates is fierce, and to thrive in this challenging market, you’ll need to understand the best practices of employee recruiting.

And that begins with crafting a strong job description that moves beyond corporate jargon and speaks directly to the top applicants you want for your firm.

For hiring professionals, the good news is you don’t have to start from scratch. You can accomplish your goals by re-thinking and re-structuring how you currently craft your job descriptions to entice the right candidates – and this blog will show you how.

Be Clear

The best descriptions state the opportunity clearly, quickly, and professionally. People are coming to your job description because they’re looking for a career change, not to be entertained with corporate buzzwords or “edgy” language that tries to sound innovative. The writing style of your job description should be engaging. But It’s important to focus on providing an accurate job description that will motivate the right jobseekers to take action.

What Are You Looking For?

Being clear also means clearly stating the position, and the skills you’re looking for. Don’t be vague – the more precise your description of the actual duties of the position, the better tailored the job applicants will be. That means including:

  • A specific job title that will attract the right candidates
  • A clear overview of the role – without getting too far into the weeds
  • Desired level of experience – if you’re looking for a senior-level professional, state that in your description
  • Job responsibilities – that will paint a clear picture and enable the jobseeker to envision themselves doing the job
  • A salary range – this is not necessary, but it can help avoid wasted time with candidates who are out of your price range. You may also provide the company’s benefits and perks

Who Are You?

Your job description should provide a sense of the company and what you’re hoping to accomplish in the marketplace. If your firm values energy, self-reliance, and creativity, emphasize that. To attract the best candidates, they need to see themselves as playing an important role in your organization, so provide a brief overview of the corporate vision and goals.

Do a Reality Check

Once you’ve drafted a description, review it to ensure the qualifications you’re seeking are realistic. If you feel it may be too much, separate the requirements between necessities and “nice to haves.” To weed out candidates that don’t meet your necessary qualifications, be clear that a particular trait is a deal-breaker.

The bottom line is, applicants should understand what qualifications they need to bring to the table, what will be expected of them, and how the position fits into the business.


In today’s tight hiring market, candidates have many options – and your position is just one of them. Taking the time to write a well thought out job description will enable you to create a high-impact communication that differentiates your company from the competition, sets clear expectations, and attracts the right talent.

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