Do You Love Your Job? Tell-Tale Signs You May Want to Move On

To leave or not to leave? That is the question.

Even if you’ve enjoyed the time spent working at your current company, all good things must come to an end. But how do you know if you’re ready to think about a job change and not just having a cranky day?

As a potential jobseeker, only you know when the time is right to get serious about finding another opportunity. To help with your decision, here are a few indicators to keep in mind if you’re thinking of moving on from your current employer:

1. You’ve Grown but Your Position Hasn’t

Stay in your current role long enough and you’ll likely grow out of it. You may really like your company, admire your boss, or enjoy your colleagues, but staying in a job out of a sense of loyalty or hesitation to change could become a demotivating experience for you over time. Sometimes your employer may simply not be able to develop you adequately or promote you. Either way, it’s a dead end and only a job change can make it better.

2. You’re No Longer Excited About the Company

When you start a job, it’s common to feel proud to be an employee of your organization. But over time that can change. Perhaps the company has had an organizational shakeup. Or you feel that the company’s values don’t align closely enough with your own anymore. A lack of shared values can lead to indifference. Before it affects your job performance, it’s time to get hired at a new company.

3. You Feel Stressed or Tired

Stress caused by unhappiness at work can affect your mood and your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness, and impairing performance. If you’re dragging your feet in the morning, sleeping less well, or dreading Mondays, your mind and body are trying to tell you something. And that something is your job is affecting your wellbeing.

4. The Work Environment is Negative

If your colleagues are constantly complaining, your boss is uncommunicative, and co-workers are sabotaging each other, you’re stuck in a toxic work environment. The bad news is, it’s easy to become part of the problem – a pessimistic atmosphere can kill the passion you have for your company and the job you do. A job should bring more positive than negative into your life. If you find yourself mired in negativity, it’s time to make a move.

5. You’re the Last to Know

If it seems like you’re the last one to hear about that exciting, new project, you’re left out of meetings, or rarely get face time with your boss, you’re not being viewed as a valuable contributor to the team. For whatever reason – and it’s not always something you can address – the company has moved on. Without you. Time to seek employment elsewhere.

A Final Thought

Staying at a job for too long can be harmful to your career. And to your health. If you’ve tried everything to make things better and haven’t seen any big changes, it’s time to look elsewhere.  A professional search firm can work with you to identify your career goals and help make your next move a positive one.

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