5 Steps to Becoming an Indispensable Employee

Job security is a serious concern for many employees in today’s workforce. With positions being outsourced, cut, or revamped, it’s important to be looked upon as a valuable worker or team member.

Many employees feel that they work hard and do a good job. But while hard work is certainly admirable, it’s only one part of being thought of as a stellar employee. So, what does it take to be so totally awesome that your organization would certainly go down the tubes if you ever left?

Being indispensable to an organization means making a firm commitment to making a difference to your company, your team, and your business. For an employee – whether you’re a manager or a team member – it’s important to have a big picture of your company, and how you can make the most of your talents to really make a difference.

So, here are five ways to go from “star” to indispensable “superstar” at your organization:

1. Be an Expert on a Critical Task

The first step to becoming indispensable is the most obvious: Be the go-to person in a function or a role. Whether it’s having a thorough understanding of your company’s IT system or demonstrated knowledge of customer traits that can increase sales, you can become indispensable through your expert level of knowledge.

2. Be Consistently Reliable

Missing a project deadline, arriving late for a meeting or going on leave without prior notice are some of the things managers love to hate. For them, reliability equals efficiency. As an employee, showing up on time, coming prepared for meetings, not missing deadlines and maintaining basic office discipline, makes you a valuable asset to the organization.

3. Go the Extra Mile

This doesn’t mean you have to “suck up” to your boss – but if you’ve got the time and means to give a little more than is expected, it can go a long way toward your indispensability. Managers often need help and support and having a reliable team member makes a big impact. If you help them look good, they’ll remember it.

4. Offer Solutions

Managers and HR professionals value employees who offer effective solutions to problems. They’re seen as people who are self-starters and have the company’s interests in mind. If the company or your department is facing a problem and you have a solution in mind, go to your boss. But be sure to have a thought-out solution and detailed action plan. If your idea is workable, it will cement your indispensability in the eyes of management.

5. Be Honest

Whether it’s a mistake, a missed deadline, or a bad judgment call, communicate openly and work hard to find good solutions to any problems you may have caused. While sometimes difficult, owning up to your mistake can make you look stronger – never engage in blame-placing.


Most employees simply execute their jobs. But if you’re one of the few who are consistently coming up with new ideas, thinking of ways to help your boss, and taking on new responsibilities, you’ll be on the road to increasing your job security by making yourself indispensable.

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