Understanding Hiring Mistakes: Getting It Right the First Time

Bad hires are an incredibly common problem in the business world. And they impact companies in a variety of negative ways 

Whether you own a business, are an HR professional, omanage the hiring for your department, it’s important to get it right the first time. When a candidate doesn’t work out, the average cost for a typical company is upwards of $15,000 according to a 2017 survey.  

Clearly, hiring the right candidate the first time should always be the goal. And the good news is the biggest hiring mistakes are easy to avoid. So what can you do to eliminate mistakes?  

Why Bad Hires Happen 

Understanding what causes a bad hire and learning from past mistakes is the best place to focus on improving hiring practices. Typically hiring missteps can take place when any one of the following happens: 

Using the Wrong Recruiter 

Picking a quality recruitment firm can be vital to the hiring process. There are many benefits to working with a professional that understands the market and has a successful reputation for placing quality employees within your line of business. In addition, a good recruiter should be able to help write an attention-getting job posting that attracts the right candidates. 

Moving Too Fast 

Hiring out of desperation can lead to poor decisions and set the company backward. Bringing on someone because you need a body in a chair will often lead to a higher turnover rate later, which puts you right back in the original position (but with your resources depleted). Finding the right candidate may take some time, but the upside is far higher than bringing on an employee who won’t last. 

Not Doing Your Homework 

Mistakes often happen when employers don’t take time to think about the position and what it entails. Before starting the selection processit’s important to talk with human resources, the hiring manager, and members of the team to identify the best fit. Once you have a candidate in mind, make sure to verify their qualifications by having them do a skills test. You could also bring them in on a contract basis for atest drive. 

Unstructured and Inconsistent Selection Process 

Successful hires happen when organizations have a consistent, professional, and structured hiring process. Inconsistency increases the chance of a bad hire, so lay out a plan for the hiring process. Identify the point person(s) who will be part of the interview process and agree on a method for final decision-making.  

Not Including the Team 

Team interviews can be an integral part of the hiring process – particularly in situations where members work together closely. If possible, schedule a team interview with your top candidates, and then solicit feedback from each member. Having members of the team meet and interact with your top candidates, can produce informative results.  

Getting it Right 

The cost of a bad hire is high and repercussions from a hiring mistake can linger For business owners and hiring managers, finding the right talent the first time means exerting time, effort, and resources. Calling on a reputable recruitment firm that understands your business can help streamline the process and provide professional guidance to increase the chances of hiring the right employee the first time. 

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