Why AI Should be a Big Component in your Hiring Process

For today’s hiring managers and HR professionals, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a significant part of the recruiting and onboarding process.  

What’s that you say – “AI” sounds way too techy for your comfort level? 

Well, it shouldn’t. In fact, for today’s recruiters and HR departments, the use of artificial intelligence can allow hiring companies to more efficiently filter through applications to weed out candidates that most closely align with their objectives. It also means that instead of receiving hundreds of emails for each job posting, job applicants can reply on the company website – with AI enabling the first round in the selection process. 

Here are 4 examples of how AI can improve your candidate search and recruiting process: 

1. Improve Quality of Candidates 

If your job postings aren’t attracting quality candidates excited about your open position, you’ll find yourself weeding through semi-qualified applicants. Adding AI to your recruitment process can help youimprove the quality of your applicants.For example, AI can help you formulate clear, descriptive job descriptions that accurately represent the opening and who you’re looking for. You’ll see more candidates who fit your needs and fewer that don’t.  

2. Expand Your Talent Pool 

Many hiring companies are using AI recruiting tools to make sourcing talent — a traditionally time-consuming task — go a lot faster. They also add the ability to tap into a far broader talent pool across multiple platforms. When it comes to attracting talent, technology solutions like enhanced job matching use information from successful past hires to create more effective job listings and pull candidates based on more nuanced skill sets. More refined sourcing is a huge time-saver for recruiters, who can spend many hours a week sourcing candidates for just one role. 

3. Reduce Time to Hire  

Efficient hiring has always been a bit of a double-edged sword.While you want to put the right candidate in your open position, you also need to fill that slot as quickly as possible and as cost-efficient as possible. Using AI in the recruitment process can significantly reduce the amount of time you need to spend digging through resumes or screening applicants. It can help you move through the interview process faster – without sacrificing quality of candidates.  

4. Improve your Bottom Line 

Hiring a new employee is costly. Although including AI to your recruitment process comes with additional costs, it creates a more effective hiring funnel as a result and thus will definitely have a positive impact on long-term ROI (as we’ve seen in the example above).Not only will AI reduce your need to hire additional recruiters, interviewers, or employees, but it also ensures you’re putting the right individual in your open position the first time around. By hiring better employees, you’ll reduce turnover and save money on training, signing bonuses, and other expenses associated with taking on new team members. 

A Closing Thought 

Artificial Intelligence can make recruiting easier and quicker. It can improve the recruitment process and help with those mundane tasks that no one appreciates. Allowing AI to assist you in the recruiting process can give you the time to focus more on hiring the right person for the job versus the tasks necessary to make it happen. 

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