What Are the Stepping Stones to Achieving Career Success?

Do you have high aspirations for your life? Do you dream of moving up the career ladder but don’t know what to do or how to begin?  

For a job seeker or working professional it’s important to remember that every career is different. But one thing is constant – most successful careers stem from setting goals and following through on them – whether you’re looking to advance in your company or move on to other opportunities 

 The following 5 tips highlight how to enhance your career prospects by focusing on the right areas for development and growth. Use them – or create others – as you design your stepping stones for professional success:  

1. Understand Your Employer’s Goals

Some people work at their jobs for years without really knowing or understanding their employer. This is a mistake a lot of workers make in their careers. That’s why knowing your company’s goals is critical information for you to succeed. How does your role impact those goals, and what can you do to have more of an impact? Ask bosses and colleagues for suggestions. 

2. Expand on What You Know

Knowledge is the key to success, and taking time to read books, attend workshops, and ask questions of experts in your field can broaden your understanding of your industry and make you indispensable to your manager. Keep learning and growing and your higher level of knowledge will not go unnoticed. In fact, it may propel you to an unexpected promotion.  

3. Develop New Skills

By stepping back and taking a realistic view of your skillset, it’s likely you’ll find at least a few areas to improve upon. While you may be good at the basics of your job, look deeper at the higher level of skills that are not part of your job description. By taking a 360-degree view of your job and the skills required to really excel at it, you can enhance your effectiveness, efficiency, and resultsThese are the added skills that your manager will surely notice.   

4. Ask for More Responsibility

You’ve likely seen those workers who “just want to do their jobs” and go home right at 5 every day. But the fact is, it’s often the employees who shy away from taking on more responsibility who are the first to go when an employer has to cut staff during tough times. By taking on more responsibility, you gain more experience, knowledge, skill, and importance. As a result, you become more valuable to your manager or supervisor while enhancing your career prospects. 

5. Work in Different Areas of the Organization

Taking the initiative to work in various areas of your organization will help you to learn new skills, gain new knowledge, and expand your abilities in a variety of ways. In fact, your ability to fulfill multiple roles within your organization could very well be the advantage you need that will make you indispensable. 


Setting and achieving goals are truly the stepping stones to personal and professional growth. If you find that one or more of your goals haven’t been achieved in your desired timeframe, it could be the timeframe – not the goal –  that needs tweaking. The bottom line is, sticking with a path for success means your career is in good hands – yours!  

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