7 Ways to Achieve a Healthier Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is an important aspect of a positive work environment. Maintaining work-life balance helps reduce stress and can prevent burnout in the workplace.  For many workers chronic stress is one of the most common health issues. The coupling of increased workloads with technology that keeps us constantly connected to our jobs finds an increasing number of workers feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, and drained. … Read more »

Importance of Highlighting Bilingual Skills on Your Resume

As a job seeker, having bilingual skills – along with the talents you possess that match your dream job’s requirements – can put you ahead of the competition. There are different ways a candidate can feature their bilingual skills on their resume to grab the attention of hiring managers – here are a few tips to help you stand out and get hired.   1. Revisit your resume  A well-written resume should be tailored… Read more »

4 Ways to Improve the Relationship with Your Boss

As an employee, we’ve all experienced it. The boss who just doesn’t seem to be on the same page as you. Who doesn’t assign you to the high-level projects. Or doesn’t hand out a “great job” when you’ve completed a successful project.    Whether you’re an experienced professional, or just starting out in your career, having a manager who doesn’t seem to… Read more »

5 Steps to Becoming an Indispensable Employee

Job security is a serious concern for many employees in today’s workforce. With positions being outsourced, cut, or revamped, it’s important to be looked upon as a valuable worker or team member. Many employees feel that they work hard and do a good job. But while hard work is certainly admirable, it’s only one part… Read more »

Do You Love Your Job? Tell-Tale Signs You May Want to Move On

To leave or not to leave? That is the question. Even if you’ve enjoyed the time spent working at your current company, all good things must come to an end. But how do you know if you’re ready to think about a job change and not just having a cranky day? As a potential jobseeker,… Read more »