The Importance of a Positive Candidate Experience During Hiring

Finding job candidates with the right skills and background is a top concern for recruiters and HR professionals. Once you find one, you don’t want them to getaway.  That’s why presenting a positive candidate experience during the hiring process is so important.  How important is it? Recent CareerBuilder findings have shown that 68% of candidates believe the way they’re treated during a job search reflects how the company… Read more »

What to Do When a Top Candidate Turns You Down

After weeks of searching, you’ve found the perfect hire for the job opening. The interviews have gone well and there’s a definite interest on both sides. You think you have the perfect fit and the offer is presented. Everything is going according to plan.  You hear back – and the candidate has accepted another offer.   Being turned down is something every… Read more »

3 Tips for Building Effective Workplace Communication

Communication is an important pillar of a healthy business. As a manager, team leader or HR professional, effective workplace communication is vital to creating and maintaining a positive team environment. The quality of workplace communication has a direct impact on the employee’s ability to collaborate, meet deadlines, and share new ideas.  Over the past several years major advances in technology have theoretically improved the ability for managers and workers to communicate. But are these technologies causing us to rely on them vs a more personal… Read more »

How to Reassign an Employee

As a business owner, manager, or human resources professional, it’s sometimes necessary to reassign an employee or employees to strengthen productivity gaps, increase morale, or diffuse potential personnel conflicts. As a business manager—especially in a smaller company—it may be beneficial to move employees laterally to increase a worker’s skills and create a more flexible team.… Read more »

Fighting Coronavirus: Why it’s Important to Send Home a Sick Employee

As a company owner, manager, or HR professional, it’s never been more important than during the current coronavirus pandemic to implement precautions to ensure your workplace offers a safe and healthy environment. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently said Americans must continue to prepare for the spread of coronavirus after infections were discovered in… Read more »

Don’t Fire Struggling Employees, Retrain Them!

As a hiring manager or HR professional, the act of firing an employee might seem like a quick and easy way to eliminate an ineffective performer and start fresh with someone new. But is that always the best option? Despite the costs of time, money, and morale, there are instances when firing is your best… Read more »

Could Your Job Descriptions Be Costing You Top Talent?

As a hiring manager, HR professional or recruiter, you know that 2020 will be a tight hiring market.  The competition for the most qualified candidates is fierce, and to thrive in this challenging market, you’ll need to understand the best practices of employee recruiting. And that begins with crafting a strong job description that moves… Read more »

Hiring Trends to Watch For in 2020

With 2020 now upon us, it’s important for HR professionals and hiring managers to look at the hiring trends for this year and beyond.   An analysis of today’s job market suggests an economy shaped by several factors, including a gig economy that continues to expand, and a skills gap that’s been identified by many human resources professionals.  What’s… Read more »

How to Set Proper Team Goals in 2020

With 2020 underway, supervisors and team leaders should be looking at ways to enhance departmental and corporate success by helping employees reach their personal goals.    But what really makes a workplace conducive for better productivity? Is it simply having talented employees? While a great staff is certainly a plus, without a motivated working environment, a manager can’t expect to get the most out of their staff.   Workplace goals are effective tools… Read more »

4 Reasons Why Making the Wrong Hire Can Be Bad for Your Business

Aside from being a headache and a time drain, hiring the wrong candidate can cost a business money, increase employee turnover, diminish morale, and more.      As a recruiter, HR professional or hiring manager, it sometimes happens that a candidate who had the right credentials seemed to fly through the interview process, and had impeccable references turns… Read more »