We use Lanmark Staffing to locate personnel with experience in the hospitality industry where we experience a large turnover. We have found them and their processes to be very professional and efficient. Their staff pays attention to the details, assists us in finding creative recruiting solutions and quickly responds to all of our needs.

Lisa B., Recruiting Specialist, Hospitality Industry

We use many contract forklift drivers and have tried several staffing agencies until giving Lanmark a shot. We found that they have a pool of experienced forklift drivers ready to interview and go to work. We have hired many of them from Lanmark over the years. Their recruiters and owners are always willing to help find solutions to all of our hiring needs.

John W., Warehouse Manager, Logistics Company

I have been relying on Lanmark Staffing to find us quality administrative employees to hire on a temporary to permanent basis for several years. We find their staff to be very professional, accurate and able to produce quickly when necessary.

Jamie G., Human Resource Manager, Large Industrial Contractor

We have been using Lanmark Staffing to help us locate experienced talent in our manufacturing facility for more than ten years, have built a true partnership with them and would recommend Lanmark to all businesses in Southeast Texas or Southwest Louisiana who truly want to build a partnership to locate experienced industrial employees.

Susie H., Human Resource Director, Manufacturing Facility

After spending several years working as a receptionist I decided that I wanted something with more responsibility and a larger salary so I spoke with the ladies at Lanmark Staffing. We discussed my skills and experience and after a week or two they found me a position as an Administrative Assistant for a busy medical office. I absolutely love my new job and the people I work with. I’m not sure if I would have been able to secure such a great job on my own but working with the staff at Lanmark made me feel like I had someone really trying to help me get there.

Rebecca P.

We relocated to Southeast Texas after my wife was transferred for her job. I knew that as an engineer I would be able to find work in this area but did not know where to start. Lanmark Staffing was very helpful and the staff was very knowledgeable and professional. I am very pleased with my current job that Lanmark Staffing found for me and would recommend them to anyone searching for a job.

Steven R.

I went to Lanmark Staffing to help me find a job after I got laid off. They found me a job as a Forklift Operator and those ladies worked so hard to make sure I had that job quick. Then they would even call and check on me to see how I liked my new job after I had been working for a few weeks.

Daryl S.

The staff at Lanmark Staffing was so helpful throughout my job search. The recruiters really seemed to care about finding me the right job. They found me a job as a cook with a company that has great benefits.

Kasie D.