6 Traits That Successful People Master at Work

Ever wonder why some people are more successful in their jobs than others?   Hard work and overall intelligence are obviously important pieces of the puzzle, but that’s clearly not all it takes.   Successful people maintain methods that make them get more out of their time and hit top performance goals. Here are 6 habits of people who are highly successful at… Read more »

After COVID-19: Top 5 Hospitality Trends for 2020

As the hospitality industry navigates the coronavirus pandemic, most business strategies have been put on hold.   No one really knows how long this situation will last, but as some regions in the U.S. and around the world begin to “open”, we do know that this current situation will come to a close and a recovery will occur.  So how best to prepare for this future recovery? Here are 5 trends hospitality… Read more »

Make the Most of Every Assignment

Flexibility. Extra income. Work experience. An avenue to direct employment. The reasons people choose temporary work are as diverse as the assignments they select. But whether you are looking to earn some extra cash, or are seeking full-time employment, here are several things you can do to make the most of temporary assignments: Dress the… Read more »

Assessment Tools for Making Better Hires

Having the right tools at your disposal can make hiring a lot easier—and a lot more successful.  Here is a quick overview of different assessments tools you can use, beyond the basic job interview: Qualifications Screens Simple questionnaires determine if an applicant has the minimum requirements to perform a job (availability, minimum age, years of… Read more »

Etiquette: Let it Make (Not Break) Your Chances at a Job

Etiquette, as Emily Post once declared, is the science of living. It may seem stuffy and outdated to some, but having established social protocols can be helpful in unfamiliar situations. A job search, for example, is a time where it can be a blessing to have guidelines to follow to make sure that you don’t… Read more »