Partnering with a Staffing Firm to Find Your Next Job?

If you’re looking to find that next great job, you probably know it’s a lot of work, and there’s a lot of competition.   To prove the point, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics it takes submitting 100–200 job applications to get one job offer, with the average amount of time needed to land a job being 24 weeks.   The good news is, as a job seeker, you don’t have to go… Read more »

Didn’t Get Hired? What Do You Do Now?

Face it. Being a job seeker isn’t easy.   From the rush of anticipation when sending in your application, to the joy when getting a positive response and nailing an interview, it’s a rollercoaster ride.  But there’s also the crash-back-to-earth feeling if you don’t get the job.  We’ve all been there. But the good news is that even if you didn’t land the job, there are things you can learn… Read more »

How to Leave a Dead End Job

Feeling trapped in a job happens to a lot of people. In fact, at some point, most everyone outgrows the current job they’re performing. As employees or jobseekers, we all want the “perfect” job – the one that makes us happy to get out of bed in the morning.    But it’s rare to find your dream job right away. In fact, it may take two,… Read more »

Using LinkedIn To Network Your Way to Success

Learning how to use LinkedIn for professional development is a great step toward improving your network, keeping in touch with colleagues, and making new connections that offer exciting career opportunities.   Learning the rules of engagement, so to speak, can help ensure that your use of LinkedIn is as effective as possible. LinkedIn allows users to create profiles, (i.e., a good summary, relevant background… Read more »

8 Reasons Why Texas is a Great Place to Grow your Career!

While COVID-19 has put a strain on most employers and hiring managers, there’s some good news for job seekers looking for temporary or full-time career opportunities in 2021. If you already live in Texas – or are willing to relocate to one of the many business centers throughout the state – there are real opportunities… Read more »

4 Ways to Get Your Career Back on Track in 2021

If you’re like most job seekers, you probably can’t say “goodbye” to 2020 fast enough.   But that’s not to say simply turning the calendar page will make things automatically easier. COVID-19 has put a strain on most employers and hiring managers, and though the economy will eventually come back, it may take some time to return to normal.   So to help get 2021 off to a… Read more »

How to Turn Your Passion into a Career in 2021

At some point in nearly everyone’s professional career, it’s common to stop and wonder “Am I really doing what I want to do for the rest of my life? If this sounds like you, keep reading.    Changing careers isn’t usually something a person does on a whim. Instead, there’s typically a trigger. Sometimes, burnout is to blame, and moving on gets more enticing. During COVID-19,… Read more »

How to Land a Job When Everyone Else is On the Hunt

In today’s tight job market, it’s important for job seekers to have the right combination of education, experience, and skills to stand out among other candidates.   For many employers, it’s a buyer’s market, and they’re being more selective than ever, before making a hire. That means, it’s not only important to have the right qualifications, it’s just as vital to develop your own personal brand to ensure you stand… Read more »

What Are the Stepping Stones to Achieving Career Success?

Do you have high aspirations for your life? Do you dream of moving up the career ladder but don’t know what to do or how to begin?   For a job seeker or working professional it’s important to remember that every career is different. But one thing is constant – most successful careers stem from setting goals and following through on them – whether you’re looking to… Read more »

Inside the Lanmark Staffing Process: How it All Works

Whether you’re an experienced professional looking for a full-time position, or a temp-to-hire jobseeker hoping for a new challenge, the employment search process can be complicated.  On the one hand, you need a new job and want the process to be as painless as possible. On the other hand, you don’t want to make a bad decision and end up at a company that turns out to be… Read more »