Didn’t Get Hired? What Do You Do Now?

Face it. Being a job seeker isn’t easy.  

From the rush of anticipation when sending in your application, to the joy when getting a positive response and nailing an interview, it’s a rollercoaster ride. 

But there’s also the crash-back-to-earth feeling if you don’t get the job. 

We’ve all been there. But the good news is that even if you didn’t land the job, there are things you can learn from the process to make you a stronger candidate down the road. Here are four important things to remember: 

  • Always Send a “Thank You” 

Many candidates think that since they didn’t land the job, they’re done. But that’s a big mistake. Even if you didn’t get hired, it’s important to thank the people who took the time to talk with you, interview you, and help you during the process. Theyll respect you for it and appreciate the gesture. Not only that, but sending a brief thank you note after getting rejected from a job will allow you to stand out should there be a future opening with the company. 

  • Ask for Feedback 

If youre able to solicit feedback from your interviewer by all means do it. Don’t be disheartened if you learn the selected candidate had more experience, better-interviewing skills, or was a perfect fit. Instead, think about where you’ve excelled and how you can best position yourself for future job searches. If youre unable to gather feedback you can still reflect on the process and use your own insights to become an even stronger candidate. Did you trip up over a tricky interview question? Did you talk too much – or not enough – in the interview? Think about where you can improve to make yourself a better candidate.   

  • Ask to Keep in Touch 

The sting of rejection can make plotting a path forward difficult for some jobseekers. Do you keep pursuing that company? Do you try to follow-up with the hiring manager or recruiter? Or do you cut your losses and move on? 

If you decide you really want to work for the company in the future – and the feedback you received from the hiring manager was mostly positive – see how to stay in touch. Being proactive in this situation is critical. For example, you could say something like“What’s the best way for me to stay in touch with you? I want to keep on your radar for future opportunities if possible. It doesn’t hurt to ask – and can often lead to a phone call down the road if there’s a job opening. 

  • Be Disappointed, Not Depressed 

It’s human nature to feel disappointment, especially if the opportunity you missed out on represented your dream job. Take time to feel upset but make the commitment to bounce back even stronger. However painful it feels, use the experience as a catalyst. Turn the rejection into something that will propel you forward instead of holding you back. 

Even though you didn’t get the job, remaining positive will work in your favor. Maintaining an upbeat outlook is essential if you want to project a great impression. Remain determined to find opportunities where you can show your next employer exactly what you bring to the table! 

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