Inside the Lanmark Staffing Process: How it All Works

Whether you’re an experienced professional looking for a full-time positionor temp-to-hire jobseeker hoping for a new challenge, the employment search process can be complicated. 

On the one hand, you need a new job and want the process to be as painless as possible. On the other hand, you don’t want to make a bad decision and end up at a company that turns out to be the wrong choice.   

So if you’re looking for a new job – or getting ready to look –  you may wonder if you should work with a recruiter. In a tight job market, the reality is that if you want to be as competitive as possible in your job search, you should definitely consider engaging with staffing agency. 

At Lanmark Staffing, we’ve successfully placed a variety of full-time and temporary working professionals for over 40 years. Here are some insights on how best to work with a recruiter – and how we work with our job candidates to help them fulfill their goals.   

How an Experienced Recruiter can Further Your Career 

First off, let’s clarify the term “recruiter.” 

Third-party agency recruiters such as Lanmark – also called staffing agencies – are different from internal corporate recruiters.Staffing agencies are hired by companies to understand their long-term objectives. They can save these companies time and money by narrowing the candidates to a few top contenders. They source, screen, and connect companies to great talent, with the goal being to find and hire the perfect person for the open position.  

Why Lanmark Staffing Could be the Right Choice  

A good recruiter understands a candidate’s career goals, background, motivations, and intangible needs. At Lanmark Staffing our methodology drives us to look past resumes and job descriptions. We work to get a firm understanding of the strengths, talents, skills and personality for each job seeker – bringing common sense, expertise, and a human touch to the job search process.  

How Our Process Works 

The goal of any recruiter should be to help candidates find the opportunities that work best for their future and career. Along those lines, our process is designed to help jobseekers in the light industrial, manufacturing, and hospitality fields successfully manage the hiring process, including:  

  • Recruiting for the job opening 
  • Providing an application 
  • Resume review 
  • Personal interview(s) 
  • Skills assessment 
  • Drug and criminal screening 
  • Work eligibility verification 
  • Employment reference check 
  • Education verification 
  • Safety orientation and site-specific orientation 

We also work directly with the hiring company to discuss a candidate’s qualifications, the offer, benefits package, salary, start date, and any other negotiable aspects of onboarding. All of which removes a lot of stress and strain for the job seeker. 

A Final Thought 

As an experienced staffing agency, we understand that a search firm can be a strong ally in your long-and short-term career advancement. The right recruiter will have the experience and wisdom to give you the best advice as you work through the hiring process.  As you plan for your next career move – consider the merits of working with a staffing firm! 

Lanmark Staffing provides over 40 years of combined human resources, recruiting, temporary placement, sales and management, and temp-to-hire services. Visit our website  and learn how our team of experienced professionals can help you find the right job and prepare for success.


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