The Importance of a Positive Candidate Experience During Hiring

Finding job candidates with the right skills and background is a top concern for recruiters and HR professionals.Once you find one, you don’t want them to getaway. 

That’s why presenting a positive candidate experience during the hiring process is so important. 

How important is it? Recent CareerBuilder findings have shown that68% of candidatesbelieve the way theyre treated during a job search reflects how the company treats its employees. 

Further, research indicates that candidates with a bad experience are likely to tell others not to apply to an organization, which could include a negative online review. 

The bottom line is a hiring firm can improve candidate experience relatively easily. For example:  

1. Have a Clear Process – Then Communicate It  

Job applicants who are well informed about the stages in the hiring process are more likely to be satisfied with the company and have a better candidate experience. While transparency should be a core value in general, transparency in hiring is essential in providing a better experience for your applicants. 

That means letting candidates know the exact process of application, selection and hiring as they apply. That way, theyll immediately know what they can expect, when they will hear back from you and how strict your selection process is. 

2. Be Responsive 

For a lot of candidates, a company’s responsiveness is key to the overall experience. Candidates that get timely responses are more likely to become and stay customers. Research has shown that close to three-quartersof candidates say they’re more likely to buy from a company that gave them timely updates during their application process. 

One of the easiest ways to maintain an efficient initial screening process is to use a strongtalent management systemWith the right tools, its much easier to manage your candidate pipeline and make sure everyone knows where they stand every step of the way. It can also decrease the time it takes to hire the right applicant.  

3. Sell the Corporate Brand 

Even if your company is sold on a candidate, it doesn’t mean that the applicant is sold on your company. They will likely consider the recruiting process as a crucial part of their ultimate decision.  

Communicating the corporate brand means setting realistic expectations about the culture and expectations of the firm. This can be done by defining a clear employee value proposition available across social media platforms and career pages. A positive candidate experience can propel an employer’s brand to new heights.  

4Offer a Great Mobile Experience 

Today, over 60% of Americans conduct job searches from their phones. This means that offering a good mobile-friendly recruiting experience is crucial. It’s important to make sure the corporate website and any other tool the candidate will access when applying for a job are mobile-friendly. Making the recruiting system work seamlessly on mobile devices can be a deciding factor for whether an applicant is interested or not. 


Companies that work on improving their candidate experience will often have higher amounts of qualified applicants. A superb experience will also build a reputation of being a desirable employer. The good news is an organization can improve its candidate experience without significant investment in time, expertise, or resources! 

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