Master These 6 Workplace Traits of Successful People

Ever wonder why some people are more successful in their jobs than others?  

Hard work and overall intelligence are obviously important pieces of the puzzle, but that’s clearly not all it takes. 

Successful people maintain methods that make them get more out of their time and hit top performance goals. Here are 6 habits of people who are highly successful at work. See where you fit in – and identify any skills you may want to work on improving. 

1. Be Accountable  

Successful people hold themselves accountable for how their time is spentThis includes taking responsibility for what is accomplished or in some cases, not accomplished. People who are successful at work are not afraid to face up to the consequences of their actions – and tend to work harder to ensure a positive outcome for themselves and their company.  

2. Stay Focused 

The best employees focus on the deep and most challenging tasks of the day. Things like checking emails, preparing meeting notes, and passing information around don’t take most of their energy. Getting better at focusing while at work can take practice. Successful people have various go-to techniques to train their brains. These may include meditation, exercise, visualization, or journaling. 

3. Take the High Road

High achievers don’t get bogged down in office politics. When people gossip and talk poorly about others, it often comes back to bite them. When coworkers try to make others look bad to their superiors, it only makes those individuals look bad.  

Typically, the most successful people in the workplace are those who mind their own business while working to bring their best to the table. They understand that most of the time, those who matter know the truth about what goes on within their group. 

4. Be a Good Communicator 

The importance of communication with supervisors and peers is a much-needed attribute for career achievement. Highly successful employees realize the important aspects of clear communication–in email, voicemail, person-to-person, meetings, etc. They also understand that coworkers have different communication styles and can adjust accordingly. 

5. Prioritize 

To become a high achiever, it’s important to understand prioritization. Successful employees rarely focus beyond the project at hand. They rarely multitask – which has its negatives and can hinder work performance. Knowing that multitasking often gets in the way of productivity, successful people prioritize and eliminate unnecessary distractions. 

6. Be Competitive 

Embracing a moderate sense of competition is one of the key habits of successful peopleLooking at others and striving to do as well or better can give workers something to which to aspire. Just be cautious if you find yourself engaging in unhealthy comparisons that are not beneficial to your health or well-being. 

In Closing 

While everyone’s work habits are not the same, the above 6 methods can be viewed as important to get you on track toward high achievementStart by developing one or two of these, then see where they take you. Or create your own. It’s likely you’ll see a boost in your work performance just by developing – and maintaining – these habits for success 

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