5 Signs It’s Time to Grow Your Team

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many organizations to take unprecedented measures to remain viable – including putting off hiring or reducing headcount.  

But as your business recovers from the pandemic and you consider hiring again how do you know when it’s time to add new employees? Hire too soon, and there may not be enough work to go aroundWait too long and your staff will have a difficult time keeping up.  

Luckily, there are signs that can point to the need for additional staff – here are 5 very common ones:   

1. Customer Service is Slipping 

The signs that it’s time to hire may not only be coming from your team. Customers might be frustrated that no one’s picking up the phone when they call. Or clients may be noticing that more deadlines are missed.If this persists, it’s a sign that you shouldhire before the situation deteriorates and customers start to get really unhappy – or worse yet, leave.  

2. Saving Money is Costing Money 

Sometimes waiting too long to hire (or not hiring at all) can wind up costing you money.  

If you’re turning down contracts or missing deadlines because you don’t have the people to do the work, it’s going to be tough to grow your business. In situations like this, adding staff – including temporary employees – can empower you to capitalize on opportunities and drive new revenue.   

3. High-Paid Employees are doing Low-Level Work 

If you hired your employees for their unique skills but they’re spending too much time on admin and low-level work, it’s time to consider bringing on someone to support them.There are many entry-level people out there who are hungry to start their careers. In the process, they can take some of the load from more seasoned staffers and help contribute to your company’s growth. 

4. Overtime is Becoming “All-the-Time” 

Most companies have busy seasons requiring extra hours from employees. But when overtime becomes the rule rather than the exception, and employees are burning the midnight oil on a regular basis, it can be time to add to your ranks. Besides, overtime is an extra expense you can avoid with added help. 

5. The Team is Burned Out 

During most of 2020, many companies were doing more with less – less employees to be specific. It’s admirable that many teams dug in to pick up the slack, but increased workloads can push people past their limits.  

Are team members saying it’s difficult (or impossible) to get their work done? Is there an uptick in the number of projects that aren’t getting finished? Is it tough for your team to set—and stick to—goals? These could be signs of burnout. If not dealt with quickly, your employees might leave, making your staffing situation even more problematic. 

A Final Thought 

Every business owner and hiring manager needs to be careful when it comes to adding staff. But taking too long to hire or not doing it all can be a mistake. Growing yourteamcan help you grow your business, and when done strategically, investing in new hires, including temporary workers, can not only save your company money—but help you make more, too. And that’s good business! 

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