Land the Best Talent by Improving the Candidate Hiring Experience

For corporate employers, hiring managers, and HR professionals, it goes without saying that offering a positive candidate experience (a job seeker’s overall perception of how a company recruits) is critical to landing the best talent.

The current job market is candidate-driven, so you don’t want to drive away great talent due to a less than stellar experience. That’s why it is necessary for your company to start improving how you hire.

Candidates who had a positive experience in the recruiting process will more likely accept your job offer, stay longer, and refer others to your company. This means you’ll grow your talent pool and improve your employer brand.

The good news is a company can improve its hiring practices without significant investment in time, expertise, or resources!

5 Ways Employers Can Improve the Candidate Experience

1. Create Clear and Transparent Job Postings   

The number one complaint of job seekers is that the application process was unclear – and in a recent study, 93% of potential employees cited this problem. Make sure to be clear from the beginning, including the job posting description. The posting should offer a detailed outline of the position and any requirements, otherwise hiring managers and job seekers are wasting time since the applicant doesn’t even have the correct credentials for the job. In addition, make sure job seekers don’t get the wrong impression about the job offer – whether that relates to the start date, compensation, or other benefits.

2. Be Responsive

Always tell candidates what to expect next. Starting with the “we received your resume” email, keep them informed every step of the way. Send reminder emails, thank you emails, and promptly respond.

3. Communicate the Corporate Brand

Job seekers want to be excited and inspired to work with your company, not intimidated by a lengthy and vague application. To attract the best pool of potential employees, your company’s candidate experience should elicit positive feelings. A great way to sell the experience is to create a great career site or webpage that offers an inside look into daily life at your company.

4. Polish Up Those Virtual Interviews

Pre-COVID, hiring managers would sit across a desk from a candidate to judge personality, interpersonal skills, and team chemistry. For now, those aspects of the hiring experience are not typically available. However, current technologies such as skype or zoom are now a common solution – so hiring managers should know how to use them. Setting up and conducting interviews is easy by simply following the prompts. Today’s job seekers are well-versed in technology, so having a seamless virtual interview process can enhance your company’s brand.

5. Be Prepared – Or Face the Consequences

Interviews are a two-way conversation, and the employer is being evaluated along with the candidate. In fact, studies show that 77% of candidates base their final decision on their interview experience. A lack of organization often causes a bad one: For example, not sending the job seeker any information before the interview, obvious unfamiliarity with the candidate, or being late and then rushing through the meeting. These are no-no’s that can easily be fixed by ensuring that hiring managers do their homework before the interview process.

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